Amazon Introduces #AmazonCart, Social Buying Just Got a LOT Easier

by Mack Collier

This morning Amazon introduced a pretty interesting new feature called #AmazonCart.  The idea is dead simple: If someone tweets a link to a product on Twitter that you want, reply to the tweet with the #AmazonCart hashtag and it gets added to your cart on Amazon!  Of course you have to have an Amazon account and authorize Amazon to connect to your Twitter account, but that’s it!  Here’s a screenshot of me using it this morning:


See how easy it is?  Now granted, Tac will still have to complete the sale on Amazon, but actually getting the item in your cart is one step closer to making a sale.

Now here’s the part that’s got me excited; Think about putting this tool in the hands of your biggest fans.  For authors especially, this could be a game-changer (unfortunately, the program doesn’t work with ebooks at this time, believe me, I tried!  If you reply with #AmazonCart to a tweet with a link to an ebook, Amazon will mail you a sample from the ebook.  Not ideal, but better than nothing!)

Here’s the video from Amazon explaining the concept:

Impulse buying meets Twitter!  Would you use #AmazonCart?

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