Which is better for your company, a blog or Facebook page?

by Mack Collier

Facebook pages and blogs for companiesThat’s the question that David Griner is going to help us answer at tonight’s #Blogchat, starting at 8pm Central.  #Blogchat is a weekly Twitter chat that happens every Sunday nite at 8pm Central where we discuss a different blogging topic.  This week, David Griner will be co-hosting as we discuss which is better for your company, a blog, or Facebook page?

David is a social media strategist for Luckie and Company, a Birmingham-based marketing agency that’s been crafting Facebook strategies for clients for years.  One of Luckie’s bigger successes is the social media marketing effort it has crafted for iconic Southern snack company Little Debbie, including a Facebook page with over 750,000 likes.

So David knows the power of Facebook for companies and organizations.  And since a lot of your companies are curious about whether a Facebook page or blog is right for them, I decided that would be the perfect topic to hash out tonite at #Blogchat.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1 – Which is better for companies, a blog or Facebook page. David and I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both blogs and Facebook pages for companies.  We’ll need you to help us by giving us your thoughts on both.  We’ll stay with this topic till 8:30 CT, then we’ll shift to…

2 – If a company has both a blog AND Facebook page, what’s the best way to make them work together?  I think a lot of businesses have both, so if they do, how can they make them work together?  What’s the best way to use the FB page, and what should be the role of the blog?  And for those of you that work for companies or organizations that are using a blog and Facebook page together, we’ll need you to help us answer this question.

So join us at 8pm Central tonight for #Blogchat.  And before you do, make sure you are following David on Twitter, and that you have subscribed to his blog, The Social Path.  David recently wrote a post on the new Facebook redesign that’s been insanely popular, you’ll definitely want to check it out.

And if you’ve never joined #Blogchat, here’s what it’s all about.

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