#Blogchat schedule for 10-3 with special co-host @CopyBlogger!

by Mack Collier

As most of you know, Brian Clark, AKA @Copyblogger will be co-hosting Sunday nite’s #Blogchat.  Brian’s session will cover “How to Create Compelling Content For Your Blog”.

As I try to do with our co-hosts, I wanted to give Brian’s #Blogchat a bit more structure cause I know so many of you want to interact with Brian.

So for the 1st 30 mins of #Blogchat, we’ll talk about the content itself, how to make it more interesting and engaging.  And definitely touch on doing so in the context of what you are trying to accomplish with that content.

Then for the 2nd 30 mins, we’ll talk more about improving your post’s headlines and SEO.  To those points, Brian has a fan-damn-tastic series at CopyBlogger called Magnetic Headlines that I would advise everyone to check out before #Blogchat.  Brian’s advice has really helped me improve my headline writing.  Also, I wanted to point out a service that Brian offers called Scribe.  Scribe makes it all but idiot-proof to improve the SEO of your blog posts.  You can learn more about the service and its prices here.  Oh and if you want to ask Brian questions about using Scribe during the 2nd half of #Blogchat, absolutely feel free!

BTW if you are new to #Blogchat, here is the FAQ on it.

See everyone at 8pm Central on Sunday!

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