Bloggers, Learn How to Get More Interviews With Ann Smarty!

by Mack Collier


UPDATE: Here’s the transcript from our #Blogchat with Ann!

This Sunday (8-24-2014) we’ll welcome Ann Smarty to #Blogchat!  Ann will be helping us learn how as bloggers we can get more interview requests from other bloggers and sites.  Ann’s MyBlogU is the #Blogchat sponsor for August, you can learn more about MyBlogU by clicking here.

Here’s what we’ll be discussing on Sunday starting at 8PM Central:

8:00-8:20 PM – How does a blogger position themselves as an expert worth interviewing?

8:20-8:40 PM – How to get interviewed (find expert interviews to participate in)?

8:40-9:00 PM – How does a blogger make the best impression in an interview? Ann will help us understand the best way to answer questions, the best type of interview (email, phone, video) and what areas of our expertise to highlight so we put our best foot forward!


Getting interviews is a wonderful tool for helping a blogger build awareness and establish their level of expertise.  Think about it, you are getting the same exposure that you would from a guest post on another blog, but the added benefit is that other blogger or site is also interviewing you as an expert!  So it’s the best of both worlds!  We’ll chat about this with Ann tomorrow night and if you have any questions about how to be interviewed more often by other bloggers and sites, Ann can help!  Make sure you are following her on Twitter.

See y’all tomorrow night on Twitter!

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