Think Like a Rock Star Workshops

Does your company want to learn how to better connect with its fans and leverage those connections to grow your bottom line?  Do you want to learn how to create content that resonates with your customers and how to create programs that connect with them directly?  Then a Think Like a Rock Star Workshop is for you.  These sessions will deep-dive into how to create a fan-centric brand, and how to leverage the power of your existing fans as a channel to grow your business.

Think Like a Rock Star Workshops can be fully customized in scope and length from 2 hours to 2 days.  Here’s an example of how a 3-hour (Half-day) workshop could be structured:

First Hour:  Overview of how Rock Stars connect with fans, and what brands can learn from applying these same methods to their own efforts.  We’ll examine the Four Reasons Why Rock Stars Have Fans Instead of Customers and cover multiple case studies that show how both rock stars and brands are using these tactics to cultivate fans.

Second Hour:  We’ll get into understanding who your fans are, and how they differ from your regular customers.  We’ll then focus on engaging with angry customers online, and converting them into fans of your brand.  We’ll also cover how to structure fan/blogger/influencer outreach programs.

Third Hour: We’ll cover how to structure your company or organization so you can better connect with your fans.  We’ll talk about how to connect with your fans, how to get feedback from them and distribute it internally, and how to create teams to connect directly with your fans.  We’ll also cover how to create and structure a Brand Ambassador Program, and how that can connect with your existing efforts to connect with your fans.


The Think Like a Rock Star workshops can be fully customized to fit your organizations needs.  For example, if you want to do a 2-hour workshop and focus on how to create a fan-centric content marketing strategy and on how to conduct a blogger outreach campaign, those topics will be covered more extensively.  Your needs will be factored into the structure so that only the areas that you need help with are covered.

If you would like to get a custom outline for your proposed Think Like a Rock Star Workshop as well as a custom price quote, please email me.

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