Using Twitter’s Analytics to Create More Engaging Content

January 21, 2015

So this year I’ve been spending a lot of time analyzing the analytics that Twitter provides me for my tweets.  You can click on that link and find the analytics for your own account.  It shows you the Impressions, Retweets, Favorites, and Link Clicks for your tweets.  It’s also a great tool to help you […]

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Why Does Twitter Hate That People Want to Have Conversations on Its Site?

August 14, 2014

If you talk to any long-time Twitter user, one of the first complaints you will hear is ‘I miss when you could actually have a conversation on Twitter’.  Those of you that joined Twitter within say the last 4-5 years wouldn’t know, but Twitter used to be a hotbed for organic conversations.  In fact, that […]

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Reaching a More Connected Customer Requires a More Connected Company

January 7, 2014

Over the Holidays I was reading an issue of the Wall-Street Journal about how companies are leveraging Twitter to improve its marketing.  Companies that sell cold medicines and items, especially those related to treating the flu, are closely monitoring Twitter.  They are tracking instances of people complaining on Twitter about having flu symptoms such as […]

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Your Brand’s Guide to Creating an Amazing Twitter Chat

December 4, 2013

Over the past 4 years I’ve run a pretty popular Twitter chat, I’ve also worked with sponsors and brands to help them facilitate their own.  Twitter chats can be an amazing way for your brand to connect with customers, if you know what you are getting into.  Here’s how to get started: 1 – Pick […]

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How to Use TweetDeck As a Brand Monitoring Platform For Twitter

November 25, 2013

It’s deceptively easy to monitor your brand and industry mentions online.  Sure, you can do some amazingly sophisticated and valuable breakdowns with expensive monitoring suites, but for the average brand a lot of their basic monitoring needs can be covered by free tools.  In this post I wanted to walk you through how you can […]

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Think You Know Social Media? These Stats Will Blow Your Mind

October 28, 2013

I was doing some research for a client and found a few of these stats, so I started doing some digging and pulled together the rest, and had a good friend (thanks Kerry!) send me some links as well.  Enjoy! Social Media User Behavior Facebook is still the most popular social networking site with Teens, […]

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Five Tips For Sharing Content Like a Pro on Twitter

July 29, 2013

I’ve blogged before about how sharing content on Twitter can drive big traffic back to your blog.  It’s also a great way to network with others, and to find and share content that makes you and your network smarter.  I am a big believer in sharing content on Twitter and here’s five of my best […]

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The Two Most Important Words in Social Media Are ‘Thank You’

April 3, 2013

Yesterday on Twitter I started getting tweets from people saying that their copy of Think Like a Rock Star had shipped, or a few even posted pictures of the book as it arrived.  SUCH an amazing feeling for an author to see others excited about receiving my book! And of course I made a point […]

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My Posts Have An Average Lifespan of 2-3 Days on Twitter

January 17, 2013

I was digging through this blog’s stats this morning in Google Analytics, and I noticed something interesting.  As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, one of my goals for 2013 is to blog more often.  A big reason why is because I want to increase the traffic here, and so far in January […]

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Two Quick Tips For Building Online Engagement Like a Rockstar

June 20, 2012

One of the great things about writing Think Like a Rockstar is that it’s giving me an even deeper understanding and appreciation of how Rockstars cultivate their fans.  And it’s no coincidence that Rockstars have made excellent use of Social Media to better connect with their fans.  Here’s two quick lessons you can learn from […]

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@LeeOdden co-hosts #Blogchat Sunday talking Optimizing content for Search and Social!

May 6, 2012

Tonight (Sunday) I am thrilled to welcome back as co-host of #Blogchat the one and only Lee Odden!   This will be Lee’s second time co-hosting #Blogchat and he’ll be teaching us how to Optimize our blog content for both search engines PLUS social media!  The best of both worlds! The format for tonight’s #Blogchat […]

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