Here’s the Four Blogs We Will Review on Sunday at #Blogchat

by Mack Collier

Thanks to everyone that submitted their blog to be reviewed!  On Sunday we’ll be reviewing 4 blogs during #Blogchat, one every 15 mins.  Here are the four blogs we’ll be covering, and the order in which we’ll be covering them:

1 – Janice Person – A Colorful Adventure.  Here’s what Janice said about her blog: “It’s a personal blog so it is where I can post whatever I want but one of my real drivers has been sharing information about agriculture that I’m lucky enough to see and experience first hand, especially things about my beloved cotton! Travel is another huge area of my life that I love sharing.

I have been thinking about doing some reworking on the design. Its amazing how fast designs feel dated. The site doesn’t feel as clean as I would like. I don’t want it to feel sterile, just get it a cleaner, more up-to-date feel and yet provide good mobility within the site. Some of the blogchat crew would be great at helping me think through a new look for the site.

Another thing I think the blogchat crew could help me understand is what sort of information would they find interesting about farming & agriculture? What do you think of things like the cotton 101 type of posts or the various types of agriculture information of that content what grabs your attention & what makes you think “no thanks.”

I know, that’s a lot to ask, but why not shoot for the stars with the BlgoChat crowd just in case I get picked!”

2 – Velo Crush! Pedal Into the World of Bicycles.  Here’s what  Abbishek said about his blog: “My blog is to promote cycling it in India. I would like to connect to the cyclists in every country but more of India and also the common man. as my goal is to get them all cycling.

I’d kindly request you to focus on it entirely. its a mix of everything which has interviews, tips etc. but at the moment my page views have gone below average and I don’t know what to do about it.”

3 – Deb Costello’s Blog.  Here’s what Deb said about her blog:  “I write an education blog under the premise “what if someone opened a window into a classroom” I am a math teacher and share math questions, commentary on educational issues, funny/interesting stories about kids and my school, and cool tech tools that are useful for math, life, or fun.

My audience has been mostly teachers, not surprisingly, but I am interested in things I could do that would make the blog more interesting to a wider audience.”

4 – Jim Karrh’s Blog (Jim is the Sponsor for this month).

Now if you will be joining #Blogchat on Sunday, please take a few minutes to visit each of these blogs so that you can give each of these bloggers constructive advice about their blogs.  Make notes of what you like, what you dislike, and maybe the things that you aren’t sure of (“Why did you put your picture there?”  “Why did you use that color on your homepage?”).

And please remember it is VERY scary to submit your blog to being reviewed by #Blogchat so if you have criticism please try to temper it and share advice with the blogger on how you think they can ‘fix’ any ‘problems’ you see on the blog.

That’s it!  Congratulations to Janice, Abbishek,  and Deb.  And thanks to Jim for sponsoring this month, he’s a big reason why Blog Reviews are back this month!  BTW if you would like to ask any of these bloggers a question before Sunday please leave a comment here for them!

And please have a Happy Easter weekend!   See y’all on Sunday night at 8pm Central!

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