How and When Do You Find Time For Blogging?

by Mack Collier

blog managementNext Sunday we will be discussing Blogging Time Management, as suggested by Patrick Phillips.  Patrick noticed that over the past week or so that several people in #Blogchat were talking about how to find time for blogging, when they preferred to write, etc.  So we’ll go with Patrick’s suggestion, and here’s the link to follow him on Twitter.

I wanted to try something different this week.  Typically, 30 mins before #Blogchat starts, I ask everyone to share a link to their blog so we can connect.  But I thought it would be educational (and fun!) if instead we each talked about how we manage our own blogging efforts and writing, and then on Sunday we can share our posts and compare notes.  So that’s what I wanted to do here, and I encourage you to do the same on your own blog!

Now for the past month or so my blogging has taken a bit of a backseat as I’ve been working on writing Think Like a Rockstar.  Currently I’m writing about 1-2 posts a week, where before I wrote 3-4 a week.  I plan on going back to that schedule soon.

So here’s how I manage my blogging.  First, I do most of my writing either late at night, or first thing in the morning.  Ideally, I will write my post the night before, and set it to publish the following morning at 8am.  If I haven’t come up with a post idea by the end of the day, the following morning around 7am or so I will check my Google Reader and scan the blogs and sites I am subscribed to.  If I can’t find any inspiration from reading those blogs and sites, then I go about my day.  One thing I learned the hard way is that if I don’t have anything to say that day, then I DON’T PUBLISH A NEW POST.  It’s far better to go a couple of days without posting and then run a great post, than it is to run three straight mediocre posts.  If I’m not feeling it today, then I won’t blog and we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Now I typically only focus on blogging from Monday through Thursday.  Occasionally I will post on Friday, and sometimes on Sunday, but almost never on Saturdays.  I follow this pattern because in watching my traffic patterns I’ve learned that the best days for traffic on here are in the middle of the week, Tuesday through Thursday.  So I focus on blogging on those days first.  If I can write a 4th post, it will typically go on Monday, then a 5th post would be on either Sunday or Friday.

So that’s how I manage time for my blog.  Typically, I will invest about an hour for writing a post.  If I can’t come up with a great post after about 60 mins, I move on.  Finding ideas for posts is usually the hardest part for me, after I have the idea, the post pretty much writes itself.

What about you?  When do you spend time writing for your blog?  Every day?  Morning?  Evening?  Weekends?  Please share what works for you on your blog, so we can all share our results this coming Sunday at the next #Blogchat!  And if you do write a post on how you manage your blogging and want to share a link in the comments, feel free!

BTW if you’ve never joined #Blogchat before, here’s what it’s all about!

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