How to write good blog content

by Mack Collier

During the last #Blogchat, at one point the discussion shifted to writing good content on your blogs, and what defined ‘good’ content.

Most of us seemed to fall into one of two camps: People that said that good content created value for your audience, and people that said that good content created value for the blogger.  With the general consensus being that if you are a business blogger, that your content was written for someone else.  And if you are a personal blogger, you are writing for yourself.

Then I got to thinking about my blogging here.  Ultimately, this blog is a business development tool for me.  I use it as a tool to grow my business and get more consulting and training clients.  But I also want and am very thankful for those of you that leave comments here and contribute to the conversation.  So while the actual comments and conversations we have might not have as much of an impact on my business as the content itself, it has an impact on ME.

Which I think is an important issue to consider.  Even those of us that are business bloggers need to get a sense of personal fulfillment from our blogs.  It keeps us motivated and inspired.  Sure, getting money from your blog is always inspiring, but making personal connections with people and creating value for them via your content, is also very rewarding.

In my mind, the best bloggers are the ones that create their content with a specific audience in mind, but they also have a personal attachment to their readers.  As a result, even their ‘business’ blogs aren’t stiff and boring, they are even personable and inviting.

What do you think?  Should your blog content and approach combine personal and professional elements to be more effective?  Or should your blog’s focus be completely one or the other?

How do you write for your blog?  What’s your approach?

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