“It’s Not You, It’s Me.” – Five Reasons For Our Social Media Breakup

by Mack Collier

It’s Spring, so I’ve been doing some cleaning up of the people and blogs I have been following.  As I’ve admitted to in the past, I am a Social Media Packrat, so I decided to trim down the people and blogs I am following.  I trimmed down the blogs I am subscribed to, as well as the people I am following on Twitter and Plus.  Here’s some of the reasons why I initiated the ‘social media breakup’, maybe you can relate to some of these?

1 – Your blog has become an endless commercial for yourself.  I would never unsubscribe from a blog due to lack of posting.  Kathy hasn’t posted at Creating Passionate Users in 5 years and I am still subbed and check it regularly.  But I noticed with a few of the blogs I was subbed to, the blogger had begun to post very infrequently, and when they did post, it was usually just to update us on where they are speaking, the progress of their book, some list they made, etc.  I get not having time to blog anymore, but I subbed to your blog for your thoughts and ideas, not your self-promotions.

2 – You aren’t as important as you think you are on Twitter.  This was downright comical during SXSW.  Whether it was Klout Score 75 tweeting that she worried that she couldn’t find time for all the people that wanted to meet her today, or Klout Score 83 tweeting that he was at dinner with 3 other A-Listers (and they paid!), it seems more and more ‘power users’ aren’t talking to other people on Twitter anymore, they are talking AT them.  I guess I’m just an old social media fuddy-duddy that’s not narcissistic enough to appreciate this type of behavior.

3 – Your blog is twice as active, but you’re never there.  This instance I try to be understanding about.  Blogger writes good stuff.  Blogger’s blog starts to gain traction and get popular, so blogger starts trying to post more often.  Blogger gets approached about sponsorships cause blog is popular.  So blogger starts bringing on other bloggers to do guest posts.  When the smoke clears, the blogger who I subscribed to is never on their own blog.  Or when they do write a weekly post (versus 2-3 a week before), it’s to promote themselves, similar to #1.  The problem is that the ‘voice’ of the blog has completely changed.  I subbed to your blog for you, not for you and whatever 5 guest bloggers you’ll have there this week.

4 – You over-share.  I’m not talking about sharing too much personal information (although I hate that too), but I’m talking about putting out 100 Plus updates a day.  Photos, thoughts, links, videos, it never stops!  90% of the public updates are your stuff.  I appreciate your passion for sharing, but when you are drowning out everyone else, it’s time to go.

5 – You’re always complaining about something and someone is always doing it wrong.  Look, we all need to hear the contrarian viewpoint every once in a while, it helps keep our ideas centered.  But if every day you are complaining about how someone or company or organization is always wrong, it gets old.  And it gives me the impression that you aren’t just disagreeing, you’re being disagreeable.  There are more productive and far interesting ways to draw attention to yourself.


So as I streamline the people and blogs I am following, those are some of the reasons for our ‘breakup’ from my end.  When you unfollow someone or unsubscribe from a blog, what are some of the reasons why you walk away?

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