How to Make Your WordPress Blog Mobile-Friendly In Less Than 60 Seconds

by Mack Collier

Oh how I love quick and easy solutions!  I’ve been meaning to make a mobile-friendly version of this blog for a while now, and it just stayed buried on my To-Do list.  Then a couple of weeks ago I was out and I checked Facebook on my iPhone and someone linked to a post that Peter Shankman wrote.  I pulled it up on my iPhone and what I loved was the site was optimized for a smartphone!  It just served up the post, not the entire site, so it was much easier to read on my iPhone!

Then earlier this month I saw someone mention WPTouch as a plugin that optimizes your blog for viewing on smartphones, and I decided to check it out.  First, here’s what this blog looked like on my iPhone before I added the plugin:

Yeah you’re not reading that without some serious pinchin’ & zoomin.  So I went and installed the WPTouch plugin, and less than a minute later, here’s what the blog looked like on my iPhone:

MUCH better!  Now you clearly see the headline, date, plus number of comments!  Same content, but it’s been optimized to improve viewing on a mobile device.  I went in and changed it to show the full post title and this is what that looked like:

I like that a bit better!  And if you click on one of the posts, here’s what it looks like on your iPhone:

So much prettier than before!  If you want to add WPTouch to your own WordPress blog and make it mobile, it could NOT be easier:

1 – Log into your WordPress dashboard.

2 – Click on Plugins

3 – Search for WPTouch

4 – Install it

5 – Activate it

You’re done!  60 seconds, tops, you can probably do it in closer to 30 seconds.  Then you can go in and edit some of the features as I did.  It will be interesting to see if my mobile traffic, especially from iPhones, increases any.  See, you get the best tips and tricks at #Blogchat ;)

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