OverBlog is #Blogchat’s September Sponsor Plus the Topics For All Five Sundays!

by Mack Collier

I’m very excited to announce that OverBlog will be sponsoring #Blogchat in September!  OverBlog is a service that pulls together your social media content from multiple sources (your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc) and organizes it together on one page!  For an example, here’s Robert Scoble’s Overblog page.  I am looking forward to playing with it and think it could be great for a brand or marketer that wants to establish thought leadership around a particular topic.

Additionally we will have not one, not two but THREE co-hosts in September!  Here’s the entire lineup for this month (see this is another advantage to bringing on sponsors, it forces me to set the topics ahead of time ;)):

September 2nd – Topic: Getting your blog and social media content organized and filtered.  Co-hosted by List.ly co-founder Nick Kellet!  This will be great for those of us that are struggling to manage all our social media presences all over the net.  How much is too much?  Nick will help us figure out how to get organized!

September 9th – Topic: How small and medium-sized businesses can effectively use blogging to built its brand and we’ll also address time management (how do I make time for blogging and social media?)

September 16th – Topic: How bloggers can and should handle disclosure on their blog. Co-hosted by CMP.LY CMO Neil Glassman!

September 23rd – Topic: How to turn your blog posts into a book or ebook. Co-hosted by Lisa Petrilli!

September 30th – OPEN MIC!

So there you have it, the entire lineup for September PLUS thanks again to OverBlog for sponsoring!  I’m excited to meet their team that will also be one of the sponsors for the Social Brand Forum in October where I will keynoting Think Like a Rock Star.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you Sunday night at 8pm Central!

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