Paper.Li is #Blogchat’s Sponsor For December! (Plus All Topics For December)

by Mack Collier

I am so excited to announce that Paper.Li will be sponsoring #Blogchat in December!  If you are active on Twitter you have probably seen your friends sharing their Paper.Li pages.  It’s an amazingly simple way to curate and collect content from multiple sources.  For example, I created a Paper.Li, told it to use the #Blogchat hashtag as a content source, and this was the result. Could. Not. Be. Easier.  What I love about this is it’s an easy way for everyone to catch up on the links shared during and after #Blogchat, plus it gives a little more exposure to the people participating in #Blogchat.  Which is always a good thing.

So here’s the topics we will cover in December(#Blogchat happens on Twitter each Sunday at 8pm Central):

2nd – Curating Content in the Workplace  – We’ll talk about how companies, organizations and small businesses can curate relevant content for its employees and stakeholders, especially blog content.  This could be via a new blog, an internal wiki, an email newsletter, a Paper.Li, etc.  Also, we’ll talk about how this really helps the company get everyone ‘on the same page’, as far as what type of content to be reading, what guidelines/rules to be following, etc.

9th – Email + Blogging – This is always a fun topic, we’ll explore ways that email can help us grow our blogs.

16th – Creating your blog plan for 2013 – This is possibly the most important #Blogchat we have every year.  We’ll talk about how to create a plan and strategy for our blog for 2013.  Here’s a hint:  A great time to actually create this plan is the last week of the year, when everything is pretty much dead anyway due to the holidays.  Why not take advantage of the downtime by creating your blogging plan for 2013?  This #Blogchat will help you figure out how to get started.

23rd – Christmas content – We’ll discuss ways we can share and curate Christmas-themed content.  Maybe how families can share pictures and blog posts from Christmas morning, how companies can share Christmas videos and pictures from their employees, etc.  And we might even share a few Christmas memories from years gone by.  Hey, tis the Season ;)

30th – OPEN MIC – This happens the last Sunday of every month.  There will be no set blogging topic, so it’s a great chance to ask any nagging blogging questions you have and get some great advice!

I am a big fan of Paper.Li’s Community Manager, Kelly Hungerford.  I love Kelly to bits and pieces.  She told me that not only will she be joining #Blogchat each Sunday in December, but that most of Paper.Li’s team will as well as they can, including the CEO.  Well you might not think that’s a big deal, because as sponsor they should be joining, right?

But here’s the thing:  Paper.Li is based in Switzerland, and so is Kelly and the team!  The reason why they can rarely join #Blogchat is that it happens around 2am Switzerland time!  So Kelly, bless her heart, has been ‘sleep-training’ all this week and getting up at 2am every morning just so she will be used to waking up then, so she can join us at 8pm Central US time on Sunday nights!  Kelly and her team will be joining in on our conversations, and they’ve also convinced some of Paper.Li’s top publishers to stop by as well.  So if you have any questions about Paper.Li during #blogchat, they will be happy to help out.  Otherwise, they will be joining in on our conversations just like everyone else, but we’ll forgive them if they have to sneak in a yawn or two ;)

Oh and finally, Paper.Li has a special offer for you!  As a thank-you to #Blogchat, they are giving all new members a free one-month trial of its Pro service!  Just click the image at the top of the post, and you’ll see the neat-o welcome page Paper.Li created just for #blogchat, and info on how to sign up and get your free trial (no credit card required!).

So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in December, and glad Paper.Li will be with us to help close out 2012 with a bang!  Happy blogging, y’all!

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