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Moderating Citi's Webcast at the Consumer Electronics Show with Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen, TMGPR CEO Tami McCarthy, and CitiCards Executive VP Terry O'Neil

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You’ve heard about blogs and social media. You know that there is ‘something’ there, but you aren’t sure exactly what that ‘something’ is, or how it can help you grow your business. I understand. In my presentations, seminars, and workshops, I take these seemingly foreign topics and boil them down into simple terms that you can easily understand. I’ll walk you through what these social sites and tools are, and help you tie their potential back to your business’ bottom line. All my presentations are heavy on actual case studies showing you how companies are currently using these tools in the manner in which I describe.

My presentations, seminars and workshops can and have been delivered to audiences as small as a few dozen, or as large as a few hundred. Please email me if you are interested in having me speak at your business, company, private event, or conference.

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Some of my more popular topics  include:

How to Get Real Business Value From Your Social Media Strategy:

Trying to find the value or ROI from social media is a big problem for many companies.  This session walks you through how to build a solid social media strategy from the ground-up.  I walk you through the exact steps to take, how to flesh your strategy out, which tools you should use.  Then I show you how to accurately measure your efforts so you can tell what is working, and what isn’t.  The end result is that you’ll have a solid social media strategy that you can manage, and see the bottom-line impact to your business.

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Think Like a Rockstar: How to Build Fans and Community Around Your Social Media Efforts:

(Selected by SlideShare as a Top Presentation with currently over 40,000 views) This presentation starts with a simple question: Why do rockstars have ‘fans’, and companies have ‘customers’?  I’ll examine how rockstars embrace and interact with their customers to convert them to fans, and also give you several case studies of companies that are using social media to embrace, empower, and reach their evangelists.  This presentation is perfect for any company that’s wanting to launch or improve a social media strategy that places a premium on customer-interaction, or launch a community-site.

Here’s a 9-minute video of me presenting Think Like a Rockstar at Bazaarvoice’s World Headquarters in Austin:

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Six Reasons Why No One Likes You Online – Building a Better Community Site:

Many companies are wanting to create community sites or efforts that bring their online customers together. But many of these efforts are poorly focused, and aren’t crafted with the community’s best interests in mind. This presentation will walk you through six common mistakes that companies make in their community-building efforts, and how to correct them.

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Twitter Might Be Good For Business But is it Good For YOUR Business?:

Twitter is getting an awful lot of hype right now as companies are beginning to see the potential that the site offers them. But just because some businesses are benefiting from being on Twitter, does that mean YOUR business should take the plunge? This presentation walks you through how to decide if your business should be active on Twitter, as well as some tips for how to use Twitter as a tool to connect with your customers.

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Five Reasons Why Your Company Blog Sucks:

You’ve launched a company blog, but 4 months later you still have no traffic, no comments, and you’re beginning to wonder if you should just pull the plug on the whole effort. This presentation will walk you through five common mistakes that companies make in their blogging efforts, as well as how to correct them. As with all my presentations, plenty of case studies of successful blogging companies will be provided.

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What is Social Media and How Can it Impact Your Business:

Here, we dive into the social media waters and explain what exactly blogs, social networks, and micro-blogs really are. After covering exactly what these social sites and tools are, I’ll walk you through the unique advantages and challenges that are associated with using each one. Finally, we’ll wrap up by showing you which tools/sites you should be using, based on your unique business goals.

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Monitoring the Blogosphere and Social Media:

Even if your business isn’t blogging or actively using social media, you can still benefit from these tools by monitoring what is being said about your business online. In this session, we’ll talk about the importance of finding and responding online feedback (both positive and negative) that others are leaving about your business. We’ll cover the tools you can use to do this, and how to interact with people that are using these tools to communicate online with each other about your business.

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Presenting Think Like a Rock Star at Bazaarvoice’s World Headquarters


In addition, I also offer extensive workshops and seminars that delve deeper into using social media sites and tools to achieve your business goals. Here are a couple of examples of possible topics:

Think Like a Rockstar: How to Build Community and Fans Around Your Social Media Efforts:

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  You launched a new blog or maybe you created a Facebook Fan Page, thinking that you’d tap into these amazing social media tools as a way to connect with your customers and create raving fans and passionate evangelists for your business.  Now it’s 4 months later and you have 12 fans on your Facebook page, and virtual tumbleweeds taunt you as your blog struggles to reach 10 visitors a day.

What happened? Many companies find themselves in this exact situation, and this workshop will show you how to think like a rockstar. Rockstars don’t have customers, they have fans.  And this doesn’t happen by accident, rockstars have a very special connection with their customers that makes them become raving fans for them and their products.  Some companies are finding that they can use social media in many of these same ways to build vibrant online communities that are passionate about them.

In the “Think Like a Rockstar; How to Build Fans and Community Around Your Social Media Efforts” workshop, you will learn:
·    The four key things that Rockstars do to create fans for their work and how you can do the same with your social media efforts
·    The keys to building a vibrant community around your social media efforts
·    The importance of ‘fishing where the fish are’ when you’re trying to build awareness
·    How to create content that taps into the ‘Bigger Idea’ that’s more relevant and exciting to your customers

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Everything You Need to Know About Creating and Launching a Successful Blog:

In this intensive workshop, we’ll show you how to lay the proper groundwork for your blog, and get it off the ground. All elements will be covered, including creating a monitoring system first, then choosing your blog’s focus, and how to handle trouble issues that may arise as your blog grows. I’ll break down the four elements of a successful blog, and how you can correct any problems you may have with your existing blog. We’ll also cover handling blog comments, building your blog’s readership, and how you can position your blog to better achieve your larger business goals.

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Creating a Social Media Strategy That Drives Bottom Line Results To Your Business:

This workshop will first give you an overview of each subset of social media, such as blogs, social networks, micro-blogs, and using podcasts/videos. After we cover what these tools are, we’ll then break down each tool’s strengths and weaknesses in helping you reach your larger business goals. We’ll also focus on the time and manpower requirements for each. Finally, we’ll talk about which tool is best for you, or if you should incorporate multiple social media sites/tools together to reach your business objectives.

Finally, I also offer extensive . I’ll meet with your blog’s writers on-site, and we’ll spend the day dissecting every element of your blog and examine how effective your blogging efforts are in reaching your larger business goals. I’ll take the time to coach each of your writers on their writing style, so we make sure that your blog content is positioned with your reader’s best interests in mind. We’ll also cover what your writers can do to encourage more comments and interaction with visitors on your blog. Additionally, I’ll show your writers how to monitor their blog’s traffic for patterns that can help them better understand what topics are resonating with your readers. Finally, we’ll make sure your business has a solid system in place to monitor the blogosphere and other social sites so that you are aware of all feedback that current and potential customers are leaving about your business.

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Previous speaking engagements have included the top social media conferences and organizations in the country, including:

South by Southwest Interactive

Blog World and New Media Expo

Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer

The Consumer Electronics Show

The American Marketing Association

Marketing Profs B2B Forum

Social Media Optimization Summit

Small Business Marketing Unleashed

Learn About Web

Social Media Club

Online Media Bootcamp

Social South

Alabama Social Media Association


Here’s a short that WebProNews conducted with me after a recent speaking engagement:

Here’s what conference organizers and audience members about my presentations:

What I love about Mack Collier as a speaker at our events is that our audiences simply love him. Mack has a very direct, no-BS style. He doesn’t give a lot of theory or offer abstract concepts. Instead, he speaks directly about what works in social media and offers concrete ideas that attendees can take home immediately and implement.
– Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs

Mack was hired as a speaker for our first Learn About Web conference. He was a fan favorite. He helped bridge the gap for companies who want to use blogging as a marketing tool in a way they could understand. Highly recommended for your conference, he will speak at more of ours!”
– Craig Sutton, Learn About Web

Your (What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media) presentation was brilliant, a total mindflip.”
– Richard Binhammer, Senior Digital Manager – Dell

Mack Collier’s participation was a huge asset to our first Optimization Summits event. His workshop, Think Like a Rockstar; How To Build Fans and Community Around Your Social Media Efforts, was such a popular draw that we had to add chairs to the room to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend.  Several attendees were so excited about what they learned that they tweeted key points while the session was underway, and we received great feedback from participants on Mack’s ability to engage the audience and convey knowledge that they can act on immediately to improve their social media efforts.  I recommend Mack highly both as a social media authority and as a presenter!
-Tami Siewruk, Social Media Optimization Summit

Mack’s (What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media) speech finally asks—and answers!—the question that all companies should be assessing: Why do rockstars have fans and companies only have customers? More to the point: why do rockstars embrace their fans, while too many of today’s companies place distance (and obstacles) between them and their customers? Think corporations can’t learn a lot from a rock band? Think again. But the true learning occurs through Mack’s assessment and advice for today’s companies who need more fans, and to learn more ways to engage with them.”
– Christina Kerley (“CK”), Marketing Specialist, ckEpiphany, Inc.


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