The Power Of Creating Something Amazing For the People That Love You

by Mack Collier

One of the things that rock stars do amazingly well is they create something amazing for the people that love them.  They find ways to bring their biggest fans together and create a uniquely amazing experience that’s totally unexpected.  The end result is that their fans are shocked, amazed, and love that rock star even more.

We saw that last night during the American Music Awards.  Psy was slated to close the show performing his internet sensation Gangham Style.  But halfway through, something unexpected happened…

Now I have to admit, I was a huge MC Hammer fan in the early 90s.  Down to even buying every VHS tape of his music videos and studying them to perform dance moves in clubs.  Sigh…

But Hammer joining Psy isn’t why I love this performance.  Watch it the first time just to appreciate it, then watch it again and pay close attention to the audience.

Notice that the audience is having an absolute blast as Psy is singing.  It’s a party, but notice what happens when Psy says STOP…Hammertime!  You can immediately hear the audience go NOOOOOO!!!!!! because they know what’s about to happen.  Then when 2 Legit 2 Quit starts playing and they see Hammer is on stage, the audience goes apeshit!

Psy and Hammer just created an amazing experience for their fans that they weren’t expecting.  The sheer joy on the faces of the members of the audience is infectious, isn’t it?  A big reason why I wanted to write Think Like A Rock Star was to help companies understand how to create a relationship  where they delight and amaze their biggest fans in this same way.

Because there’s nothing more powerful than giving your fans something amazing that they weren’t expecting.  How is your brand delighting and amazing its biggest fans?

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