What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media

by Mack Collier

Last week at Social South in Birmingham, I debuted a new presentation, What Rockstars Can Teach You About Kicking Ass With Social Media. I have to say that although this presentation combines two of my favorite topics; music marketing and social media, I was a bit worried about how the audience would take it.

Somewhat to my surprise, Social South attendees loved it. In fact, it was the most enthusiastic response I’ve gotten to any of my presentations so far. Richard Binhammer told me it was a ‘mindflip’ for him.

The presentation centers around one key question; Why do rockstars have ‘fans’, and companies have ‘customers’?  In the end, it all goes back to how rockstars approach the people that buy their products.  They WANT to interact with them, they WANT to embrace them, they WANT to be like them.  Whereas many companies see the people that buy their products as people they ‘have’ to be in contact with.  As if customer-interaction is a ‘necessary evil’.  Rockstars WANT that interaction, and thrive off it.

I think this is where many companies have REALLY missed the boat with social media. They now have these tools that give them greater ability than ever before to embrace and empower their evangelists.  But many companies are after amassing more ‘followers’ and ‘friends’ or targeting ‘influencers’.

As I said in Birmingham, find the people that are wanting to sing your praises, and give them a microphone.  Social media can be that microphone for your company.

Based on the overwhelming positive reaction I had to the Rockstar presentation at Social South, I’ve added this presentation to my Speaking page, and am now accepting requests for this topic at public and private speaking engagements.  Please email me if you’d like to discuss my speaking at your event on this, or any other topic.

Here’s the deck, I hope you enjoy it!

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