What Does a #Blogchat Sponsorship Package Include?

UPDATE: Sponsorships are still available for the months of October through December.

#Blogchat co-hosts are now set for the months of July-November.  The rate to sponsor October-December is $2,500.00 per month.  Each month will have at least one co-host for one week, here’s the schedule:

July – Joe Pulizzi

August – ProBlogger and Scott Monty (5 Sundays)

September – Ann Handley

October – Jay Baer

November – Gini Dietrich and Kerry O’Shea Gorgone (5 Sundays)

If you want to reserve any of these months to lock in a particular co-host, then please email me ASAP.  For example, if you want to sponsor #Blogchat in September because Ann Handley is co-hosting, then email me and we’ll reserve that month for your company.   Each month’s sponsorship is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and can be reserved up to 3 months in advance with a deposit.  Email me for details.  Click here for some eye-popping stats on the magnitude of #Blogchat’s reach.

“If I think of that in terms of investment, in a matter of 5 hours a month, I received the same amount of qualified leads as I would attending a conference.” – Paper.Li’s Community Manager Kelly Hungerford on the value Paper.Li received from sponsoring #Blogchat

First, the numbers:

#Blogchat averages generating approximately 20-30 Million impressions a week, and reaches approximately 2-3 Million people.  In 2013, #Blogchat reached over 50 Million people and generated over a BILLION impressions!

Based on an average of 25 Million impressions a week (or 100 Million a month), your CPM for a #Blogchat sponsorship is literally pennies per thousand impressions!

What’s Included in a Monthly #Blogchat Sponsorship:

  • You are the sole #Blogchat sponsor for the month you select.
  • A minimum of 5 tweets a week from the @MackCollier account (currently over 48,000 followers) promoting you as the sponsor of #Blogchat.  At least 3 of these tweets will come on Sunday.
  • Introduction as Sponsor of #Blogchat within 5 minutes prior to the start of #Blogchat
  • #Blogchat participants will be encouraged to follow your Twitter account (if you have one) immediately prior to the start of each Sunday’s #Blogchat
  • #Blogchat participants will be encouraged to visit your blog or website (your choice) immediately following each Sunday’s #Blogchat (At approximately 9:05 pm Central time)
  • Sponsor will be given input into topic selection for one #Blogchat, typically the 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month.  I will work with you to make sure we pick a topic that’s beneficial to your business as well as the #Blogchat participants.  I will pick the topics for the other 3-4 Sundays of your sponsored month.
  • Sponsor will be given email support (maximum 3 emails responses per week) in order to help them maximize the value they receive from their #Blogchat sponsorship
  • Sponsor will be given one Sponsored Post here at MackCollier.com per month.  I retain final editorial approval of content, but in general the post will be available to you to either promote your company, its products and services, or your sponsorship of #Blogchat.  Sponsored post will be limited to 750 words.  MackCollier.com’s monthly readership is approximately 125,000 readers.
  • A 200X200 pixel ad promoting you as the sponsor of #Blogchat will be placed near the top of the far right sidebar of MackCollier.com.  This picture can link back to your website or blog, or a particular Social Media account that you want to boost followers/likes of.  This ad will run for the duration of your sponsorship of #Blogchat.

If you would like more information about sponsoring #Blogchat, please email me.

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